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There are three connected but separate parts to Stucco & Stucco. Each plays an important part in our desire to improve homes across the country with high-end architectural coatings and interior paint effects. We are passionate about surface design and strive to create bespoke and unique wall finishes that we install for our clients.

High quality polished plaster training courses with follow up training

Not all training courses are equal. When delivering training, there are three key components; learning the theory, applying that in a real scenario and having something useful to take away. The theory itself extends beyond the product to understand what a business has to do to be successful. So we make sure that as the practical applications happen, attendees pick up the best ways to approach potential clients.

Application on sample boards is one way of really getting to grips with finishes, but it doesn’t represent a real-world application. So each attendee has their own booth which will have different finishes in place by the end of the training. Walls, ceilings, corners, and reveals are covered. The useful takeaway elements from the practice come in many forms. All your completed sample boards, brochures, training videos, and information.

More importantly, we know that all attendees want to get going on their own, practicing, making more boards or applying to walls in their private workspaces. We deliver training courses throughout the year, the introductory 5-day course which most attend, runs approximately once a month and caters for 6 people. We could accommodate more, but find this ratio is right for an energetic and engaging learning experience for all.

There are other complementary courses available. These may be in unique finishes like Archi+ concrete or metallics, and there’s the advanced course for those that have passed the introductory one.

Our attendees appreciate the ongoing support and relationship we have after the course. We believe that there is space for everyone in this industry.

The supply part of the business is relatively new and came from the requirement not only for Stucco & Stucco to have more substantial stock amounts for its own installations, but the demand from those that have attended courses.

There is usually a requirement to buy in bulk from suppliers, direct from Italy.

Bespoke installations into commercial and domestic settings large and small 

The installation business is a natural starting point when entering the world of polished plaster and surface finishes. Novocolor products have been installed in buildings in Italy for decades.

People in the UK are starting to embrace these finishes, and the Stucco & Stucco team have installed everything from small feature walls in living rooms, through to larger areas and bathrooms in commercial settings, to hundreds of square metres in restaurants where the finish is the original look for that space.

Installation work at Stucco & Stucco is the primary activity within the business. It’s normal for 1 -2 projects to be in progress each week of the year. Many of which can run many weeks due to other on-site work having to overlap with our installs. We have to factor in curing and drying times, and final wax coats may well be just before commercial premises open for business.

To keep the momentum going not only within the industry but with clients and their desire to have bespoke and unique features, there’s a need to up-skill more tradespeople.

We have a great team of third-party contractors we call ‘Team Stucco’ that have trained with us and often form part of the team on site, this guarantees the quality of the finish.

Novacolor materials and high-quality tools for supply to installers.

At Stucco & Stucco we stock and supply all the products that are used on the course, all the tools you will require and in the right amounts. Whether it’s one-litre tubs for practicing or much larger containers for the first job with a customer, we supply all sizes and the most popular colours. Generally, tradespeople like to stay with what they know, we understand that so we approach the supply of goods to our trades customers as if they were part of our extended installation team. This generally means no minimum orders, and we will get the products to you as quickly as possible. Even in emergencies, as you never know exactly when you’ll need another 5 litres of Marmorino KS!



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