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Novacolor ambassador story


Having worked with Novacolor products extensively, understanding the quality and capability they have and using them to teach in the S&S training academy I was incredibly motivated to become a Novacolor Ambassador.

Seeing other artists from around the world being recognised for their passion and skill by a company as highly respected within the industry as Novacolor was a key driver. I experienced both my clients and students looking up to the other Ambassadors with respect and recognising what it takes achieve such a high level. I was and still am inspired by the quality, creativity and professionalism of all those that have made ambassador and strive to not only achieve but maintain those high standards.

Becoming an Ambassador for Novacolor has a very direct and measurable effect on the business. Once achieved this level needs to be continuously met and doing this within the business only benefits Stucco & Stucco and all it’s clients. Every project we work on has to be as good as it can be, we set the bar high in all areas of what we do. We pride ourselves on these standards and are passionate and happy to teach others and share ideas. Bringing out creativity and inspiring the students that attend the Stucco & Stucco training students.

2018 is the 3rd year Novacolor have been awarding individuals the title of brand ambassador. I heard about it on social media by following Novacolor and being heavily involved in their products.

There are a number of criteria that need to be met to become an Ambassador. The obvious ones are about fully supporting and believing in the Novocolor products, with in depth knowledge and being a customer or engaged follower. But others that are key are the ability to create amazing work across the product range, for your business, acting in a professional manner both in the work and in marketing your own brand. All this while reflecting what the brand expects, aligned values and standards and having your own personality reflected in the work achieved. It’s not an easy journey, but that’s what makes it valuable for me as an individual and the business.

One of the key highlights when you become a Novacolor Ambassador is a trip to the Head Office in Milan when Novocolor bring all the ambassadors for that year together. It’s about promoting ourselves and showcasing skills. But also making new friends, fostering new working relationships and celebrating each other’s success. There’s an exchanging and sharing of ideas about existing products and exploring new products.

I met the other ambassadors and AGNN representatives (Novacolor Netherlands). and Novacolor’s management team. Each ambassador worked alongside others creating an artwork piece which best reflected a personal style of work. With a look at the new and exciting products Novocolor were launching.

An unexpected highlight of the Milan trip was a photo-shoot with the ambassadors. Italian fashion photographer Gianluca Cisternino shot a series of photos with the artwork we had created. To be used for marketing & promotional purposes in print and online by Novacolor and all the new Ambassadors. This was followed by ‘on camera’ interviews, featuring questions based around our opinions on colour, texture and creativity.

It was an interesting and fulfilling trip full of interesting experiences, people and products!

I felt it was an honour to be there. It confirms a mutual respect exists, as I am an advocate of Novacolor and they recoginise me as an artist. It’s clear we share the same standards and values. Equally, the accolade highlights, recognises and rewards all the hard work and determination that has been put in over a number of years.

In meeting the other ambassadors for 2018 I have improved my knowledge and created new friends. The all the new 2018 Ambassadors (artists, designers & architects) from around the world are:

Giancarlo Sagasti (Miami/USA Artist)

Stefan Van Seutandal (Netherlands Artist)

John Mulder (Belgium Artist)

Dario Tripi (Italian Artist)

Orges Hallunovi (Artist)

Duan Hong (China designer)

Sabrina Sansonetti

Maria Elana Madonia

Alberto Clementi (Italian Architect)

The highlight of the whole trip was gathering at Novacolor in Italy and creating artwork alongside the other artists from around the world and afterwards going for an amazing meal and drinks in Milan in the company of like minded individuals that are on the same journey. I felt very welcome, I met new friends that very quickly felt like family. I felt accomplished.

After an intense fast paced few days and travel felt exhausted. Now I am back confidence is high, students are keen to learn more and book onto short advanced training classes. It’s great for the business and relationships with Novacolor around the world. I am putting on a special 3-day course for Novacolor Netherlands who are bringing their 7 best artists.

The next achievement for Stucco & Stucco is to continue producing great work.

Training and grow a talented and loyal network of artists throughout the UK to setup an ‘alliance’ that can install at this level for all our clients. We’d like to attract artists from around the world to come and train at the academy.

This will grow installation, training and supply within Stucco & Stucco. The future is bright!



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