McLaren in Leeds? Dream supercars and our super detailed installation!

I’ve been interested in performance cars for many years, mainly aspirational supercars. When I heard that McLaren was coming to Leeds and building a showroom, apparently the biggest in the UK, well, to say I was both amazed and excited is an understatement.

How could Stucco & Stucco get involved? There must be a way to be part of the teams building the showroom. The finishes and expectations with such huge value cars would be incredibly high, but I knew we would be up to it. I had a network of trusted installers that could support me on this job and would love to. I just had to find a way to be in the running.

As expected once I had managed to get in front of the right people. It seemed that our reputation preceded us, and after working through the products and finishes needed, I found myself going home that evening with a big smile on my face. It was so motivating to know that we were trusted to work on a global brand with the highest reputation. S&S installation work would showcase polished plaster in Leeds, featuring beautiful McLaren supercars.

Proud just didn’t cover the feeling!

As with all high-end commercial fit-outs, time is critical. Having many trades working in and around a workspace where our finish and work needs its own time and attention to detail, challenges were numerous. With 300 square metres, various shades of grey in Ardex Pandomo to apply.

By now, you’ll understand just how the team and I were feeling! The work was painstaking, and every aspect counted, so much pressure but understanding how impressive the whole showroom would look when it was finished. Many surfaces, angles, and corners. Working a product that wasn’t particularly forgiving meant the whole team was at the top of their game, each and every day.




Speaking of the team, I couldn’t be happier and more thankful that ‘Team Stucco’ were a committed bunch. For them, the pride aspect was huge too, there aren’t many teams that get to work at this level.

The morale was of the highest order as always, and everyone came together to get this project well and truly over the finish line. A memorable one for all of us in both detail, challenge, and being part of the project that will showcase such amazing vehicles.


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