Start the day without coffee? That’s very unlikely mine’s a Flat White.

by | Aug 30, 2019 | News

coffee shop

Start work before my coffee? Ummm, no. Whether it’s my local Starbucks who think I’m a friend now or an indie coffee shop, my ‘go-to’ coffee is a flat white. I like Mrs. Atha’s in Leeds, who incidentally we did a great wall for.

Many days Team Stucco is on the road early. I recall a recent ‘long’ shift when we had to visit 3 sites each in a different Yorkshire county, all in one day! A bit challenging, but it’s just what we do to get everything finished. Those coffee shops may well get visited during the day as they also serve as a break out space from the direct install and as a time to think creatively about each job. All our customers want a truly bespoke finish, this takes time to ponder and then plan. We get recharged to push on again.

Managing and delivering many projects at once can be a little overwhelming. Without the talented people that make up Team Stucco, whatever combination it is for a particular job, it would be impossible. Our reputation for the quality of the work is directly related to the strength and capability of the team, and let’s not forget every single installer’s commitment to finish the job!

For me, these times are where we bond as a team, in between the work. They remind me how fortunate we are, and I am, to be in the position we find ourselves. Working great projects with customers of all kinds and in many amazing buildings and places.

The future is full of installations to challenge and test us, but I’ve no doubt we will enjoy the journey.

Bring on the coffee, the creativity, the teamwork, and the satisfaction that we know we bring to everyone we work with.


P.S. Sometimes it’s tea and scones!

tea break

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