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Many believe plastering to be a “dying” trade. Yet, homeowners and businesses continue to rely on the traditional skills of a professional plasterer. A professional plasterer delivers a high-quality finish to walls, ceilings, and more. So, why not consider plastering courses Leeds?

Plastering is set to grow this year and into the future. New homes are being built, and there’s a market for renovating older homes and businesses. In addition, those in the trades also benefit from plastering skills, including plumbers and electricians. So, plastering isn’t “dying” any time soon.

All of this adds up to a growing market that requires skilled plasterers. And what better way to become a skilled plasterer than by taking plastering courses Leeds?

Is Plastering a Good Trade to Get Into?

Yes, for all of the reasons we mentioned above. New homes, home renovations, business renovations, and installations are only a few examples of the work available for skilling plasterers. The need for plasterers is set to increase, whether they use their skills for skimming, rendering, or boarding and dry lining. These skills are in demand.

Plasterers also earn a good salary, especially those who have taken plastering courses Leeds and developed these much-needed and in-demand skills.

How Difficult is Platering?

Plastering is hard work and requires training and learning to gain the experience and skills needed for the job. But that’s why our plastering courses Leeds are so valuable. We help you gain the skills and experience you need to become a professional plasterer.

With our plastering courses Leeds, you’ll learn the proper techniques, how to properly use tools, mix plaster, and learn about the different conditions that affect the material’s final finish.

Why Learn a Trade Like Plastering?

Learning a trade is always an excellent choice and adds to your skill set. Plastering is a profession that’s in high demand and will be for quite some time. With our plastering courses Leeds, you’ll have a skill for life. That’s the case even if you choose a different career. Plastering gives you a skill to fall back on when necessary.

Why Choose Stucco & Stucco Plastering Courses Leeds?

We are passionate about surface design and will share this passion with you through our plastering courses. We offer high-quality polished plaster training courses with follow-up training.

Our training courses provide the knowledge and experience you need. We teach theory and application for hands-on experience. You’ll learn and develop the skills to become a professional plasterer through our plastering courses Leeds.

The Benefits of Our Plastering Courses Leeds

Plaster is a widely used finish in both construction and decoration, with many plasterers having their own businesses or working as part of a larger team. Homes and businesses across the UK need the services of a plasterer for renovations, installations, and more. 

In addition, many businesses across the UK look for high-end wall treatments such as plaster. Polished plaster walls are sought after to make a statement and create feature pieces. 

Our Studio for Plastering Courses Leeds

The Stucco & Stucco studio is an inspirational space where we provide you with the highest quality training. Whether you’re taking an introductory course or advanced, the atmosphere, humour, and level of learning are all things we take pride in.

When you’re in the studio, you become part of a group of artists and installers who help motivate one another to create the best finishes possible. You’re surrounded by excellent work that covers every type of finish.

plastering courses leeds

What Do You Learn in Our Intro to Plastering Courses Leeds?


Our intro to plastering courses teaches you the following: 

The Theory

You learn the theory behind each product and finish, from the correct primers to use to the various options with wax finishes. 

You also learn which surfaces are best for certain situations and which products are best suited to bathrooms. 

The Practical

You work on your own sample boards, learning how to apply layers. You also practice with Marmorino in various finishes and styles. 

You’ll also have your own work booth where you’ll learn how to apply to walls, ceilings, internal and external corners. 

The Takeaways

  • You can take your sample boards to show prospective clients. 
  • You’ll have a wealth of information in a pack. 
  • We also offer ongoing support, specialist products, and advanced training courses.

Our Plastering Courses Leeds Details

Course numbers are kept to 6, so you receive the most effective learning experience possible. We supply refreshments during breaks, and we believe no question is a bad question. We encourage plenty of teamwork and discussion.


  • Our courses are four days long, from 10am to 4pm
  • Tea, coffee, and lunch are provided
  • We supply the best Italian materials imported from Venice for your training
  • We also supply all the tools and boards you need for training
  • We offer (at an additional cost) the tools to set up your own polished plaster kit

If you’d like to learn more about our plastering courses Leeds, contact us today. We’re happy to answer your questions and explain how you can become a successful polished plasterer through our courses.

Our Plastering Courses Leeds


We offer the following courses for plastering in Leeds: 

Intro Surface Design Course

4 Day Course/£1000


This course provides you with a good understanding and knowledge of the product range. It includes some of the following techniques:

  • Blending
  • Layering
  • Stencilling
  • Stippled finishes
  • Antique aged effects
  • Dragged
  • Smooth
  • Matte
  • Polished
  • Oxidation
  • Metallics
  • Waxing
  • Artwork

Advanced Surface Design Course

4 Day Course/£1000


This course is for those who have completed our intro course and are familiar with Novacolor products. This course helps these students move on to the more advanced application techniques and finishes typical of what Stucco & Stucco create on their installs.

Concrete Oxidation & Liquid Metal

4 Day Course/£1000


This course is for those who have completed our intro course and are familiar with Novacolor products. The course helps students learn about three specific finishes, including:

  • Concrete
  • Oxidation
  • Liquid metal

Metallics Design Masterclass

1 Day Course/£250


This course is for those who have already completed our intro course and are familiar with Novacolor products. The course teaches about all the metallic finishes that can be achieved. 



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