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Are you searching for a polished plaster company London? If so, we believe you’ve found the right company, Stucco & Stucco. We are passionate about surface design and polished plaster. We aim to deliver bespoke and unique wall finishes via our training, installation, and supply services.

Our company has been in the business of creating stunning surface designs for over 10 years. Our designers and plasterers work with you to create bespoke surface designs using polished plaster with unusual finishes, such as concrete, metallics, corrosion, and more. These finishes are becoming the choice for high-end commercial properties and businesses, such as bars, restaurants, office spaces, and more. Our finishes are also installed in homes, where they offer a unique touch to any décor.

Whether you’d like to install our polished plaster on floors, walls, ceilings, or artwork, we can make something special for your space. You’ll have a unique creation that provides a sense of luxury and opulence like never before.

We work with Novacolor products to create the perfect installation with our polished plaster company.

Bespoke Installations with Polished Plaster

When you hire Stucco & Stucco to create an amazing design with polished plaster for your home or business, you’re hiring artisan craftsmen who have the experience and knowledge to install Venetian plaster correctly. Not only that, but you’re also gaining access to some of the best designers in the business. Our team has the team needed for larger jobs, though we also deal with smaller installations of polished plaster.

We offer professional, thorough, polished plaster services. From the start, you can count on us to stay in communication. Throughout the project, we’ll effectively communicate the time and expectations for each stage of the project. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations every time.

polished plaster company london
london polished plaster

The result is a stunning installation, no matter if the project is large or small. We have experience with small living room projects all the way up to restaurant projects that cover hundreds of square metres. You can expect a bespoke look for your space.

While installation work is our primary focus, we also offer the following services at Stucco & Stucco:


Our polished plaster London courses provide tradesmen with an extra skill; they are able to create bespoke, artisan finishes for their clients. Their new skill may enhance their business and improve their chances of getting clients. With our training, it’s possible for these tradesmen to become professional craftsmen who are able to create stunning finishes.

We offer the following polished plaster courses:

  • Intro Surface Design Course
  • Advanced Surface Design Course
  • Concrete Oxidation & Liquid Metal
  • Metallics Design Masterclass

We also offer a studio at our Stucco & Stucco facility that provides an inspirational space, where our students receive the highest quality training.

No matter which course they choose, our students can expect an atmosphere where humour and level of learning are top-rated.


We also provide polished plaster design services. Our designs are not only the highest quality, but we also use only the highest quality materials to create stylish, amazing installations in buildings and venues around London and the world.

We create beautiful, customised designs for a wide range of businesses and for clients’ homes. Each design is centred on creating a stunning finish using light or heavy textures, metallic, or rust used with a range of colours. We can help you design an environment like no other.

We offer the following design finishes:

Smooth: is a wall finish that’s used with Marmorino KS. It offers a luxurious feel to any design, creating a perfect statement in hallways, staircases, or any space. Marmorino KS is very tactile, durable, and beautiful. And it requires no special maintenance.

Light texture: this wall finish uses a trowel technique to apply the Marmorino KS. The gentle texture contrasts with a polished top coat. The light finish is highlighted by metallic waxes that are applied to seal the finish. Light texture adds drama to any room or space.

We also offer the following textures for your home or business:

  • Heavy texture
  • Pitted
  • Dragged
  • Stenciling
  • Polished
  • Banding
  • Concrete
  • Metallics
  • Oxidized
  • Antique
  • Distressed
  • Artwork
  • Travertine

Each of our finishes creates a unique appearance and adds focus to any space. We can help you choose the right finish for your home or business application.


We also provide supply services for Novacolor polished plaster products. At Stucco & Stucco, we only use Novacolor, and all of our students also use Novacolor products in their courses and in their businesses. We’re a trusted supplier of Novacolor polished plaster in the UK.

Novacolor products are used all over the world; they’re known for their impeccable quality. The colours and colour combinations of these products are breathtaking, and we stock them all.

The Novacolor Product Range

  • Minerals
  • Metallics
  • Concrete
  • Oxidation
  • Wall2Floor
  • Cera Wax

If you’re interested in ordering Novacolor products, let us know what you need. We have many items in stock and of various sizes. And we can mix any colour combination you need right here at our polished plaster.

If we don’t have the current items in stock, we can have your products within 1-2 days. You only need to let us know what you need. Here are some questions that can help you determine the product(s) you need:

  • What product do you need?
  • What colour code (if you know it)?
  • What quantity (Usually up to 25kg tubs or bags) do you need?
  • When do you need the product(s) delivered?
  • Where do you need it delivered?
  • How are you going to pay?

If you have any questions about our polished plaster products, let us know and we’ll help you troubleshoot your order.

Polished Plaster Company

As you can see, we can help you with all aspects of your project, whether you’re ordering Novacolor products, need assistance with design, and even training. We’re the right polished plaster company London for your Venetian plaster installation. You can count on us to create a bespoke design that becomes the focus of any room or space.

If you’re interested in learning more about our products and services, contact us today.

london polished plaster company

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