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Have you been searching for “polished plaster Manchester”? If so, we’re happy you found us! At Stucco & Stucco, we create stunning and unique finishes for your home or business. Each installation we deliver is of the highest quality, and we only use materials found in the most stylish buildings and venues around the world.

If you’re looking for a bespoke polished plaster installation, read on to learn more about us and our polished plaster services.

What are Polished Plaster Walls?

Polished plaster is a decorative plaster finish that can be applied to ceilings and walls. It creates a smooth decorative finish that is uniform and has an amazing texture.

The term “polished plaster” applies to a wide variety of decorative plasters. Each of these is unique in colour, texture, and the technique used to apply it. Some plasters result in a smooth finish, while others may be highly polished, matt, or pitted. Polished plasters are extremely durable and offer a luxurious decorative touch for interior surfaces.

Polished plaster is made with lime putty, stone dust, and natural pigments. You may also hear it called:

  • Marmorino
  • Spatulato
  • Marble plaster
  • Italian plaster
  • Venetian plaster

However, there are also polished plasters that have a more modern touch. These are also called polished plaster, but they are made with lime putty, natural stone dust, and synthetic acrylics (plastic dust). This plaster is easier to apply and dries faster.

Polished plaster is durable and can last many decades without fading or peeling. It also never stains or tears. This plaster is more robust than traditional plaster because it’s made with natural stone. The stone dust gives the plaster a harder finish than traditional plaster.

We are your polished plaster Manchester specialists. 

polished plaster manchester
manchester polished plaster

The Benefits of Polished Plaster Walls

There are several benefits provided by polished plaster walls, including: 

Breathable, Hygienic Surface

Polished plaster surfaces allow moisture to escape through the plaster. The plaster can be safely used in bathrooms and showers.

In addition, polished plaster offers a hygienic surface. The plaster is made with lime, which is alkaline and reduces moisture while stopping the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew in damp spaces.

Polished Plaster is Waterproof

Polished plaster Manchester also offers a highly durable, smooth surface that’s naturally waterproof. A protective wax coating may also be added to polished plaster surfaces. This works to create another waterproof barrier that seals the plaster off. 

The wax coating needs to be redone every so often, but it’s effortless to apply.

Polished Plaster Comes in a Wide Range of Colours

Polished plaster also comes in a wide range of colours. What’s more, the colour of the plaster is vibrant and deep, with a certain luminosity that you don’t find with other finishes. 

Low VOCs

Polished plaster is mostly made of natural ingredients, making it low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs are chemicals released into the air from building materials, such as paint and plaster. The paint & plaster off-gas has nasty smells and harmful chemicals that can cause problems for anyone who has respiratory conditions. Polished plaster is low in VOCs and is considered safe for people who can’t tolerate regular paint and plaster. 

It’s possible to add a seal of natural beeswax to the polished plaster surface. Sealing products are also available that are vegan and free of animal products.

Can Be Used in Different Ways

Polished plaster is also quite versatile. It can be used on curved or unusually-shaped surfaces, including walls, columns, fireplaces, and more. This is a great choice to use with marble, for instance. The plaster looks like marble and is much less expensive. 

How to Apply Polished Plaster?

Before applying polished plaster, the surface must be primed and have a base coat applied. The plaster is then applied to the surface in multiple layers (usually one to four layers—depending on the type of surface and the intended finish).

When the plaster has been applied, the installer uses a steel trowel to smooth the plaster to make it glossy. It’s also possible to add depth and texture for a unique aesthetic effect.

manchester plaster polished

At Stucco & Stucco we stock and supply all the products that are used on the course, all the tools you will require and in the right amounts. Whether it’s one-litre tubs for practicing or much larger containers for the first job with a customer, we supply all sizes and the most popular colours. Generally, tradespeople like to stay with what they know, we understand that so we approach the supply of goods to our trades customers as if they were part of our extended installation team. This generally means no minimum orders, and we will get the products to you as quickly as possible. Even in emergencies, as you never know exactly when you’ll need another 5 litres of Marmorino KS!

manchester plaster polish finish

Why Choose Stucco & Stucco Polished Plaster Manchester?

Each installation we do is done to the highest quality using materials used in some of the most stylish buildings and venues around the world. And we create unique, stunning finishes for your rooms.

We offer several design surfaces, including:

  • Smooth
  • Light Texture
  • Heavy Texture
  • Pitted
  • Dragged
  • Stencilling
  • Polished
  • Banding
  • Blended
  • Concrete
  • Metallics
  • Oxidised
  • Antique
  • Distressed
  • Artwork
  • Travertine

We can create an endless range of finishes and combine them for even more unique effects. Our installations can add textures, colour, and interest to any space.

You can choose a smooth polished plaster installation or something more rugged. No matter what, we create a bespoke polished plaster that adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your room.

If you’d like to learn more about our polished plaster, reach out to contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and share more information about the services we provide. Let us know how we can help you with a beautifully polished plaster installation today!

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