Polished Plaster Trends that May Explode

by | May 28, 2023 | Polished Plaster

Updated 16/10/2023

Interior design trends are constantly changing, including those tied to polished plaster. Polished plaster, also called Venetian plaster, is becoming a captivating and versatile option for creating stunning wall finishes.

The plaster offers a timeless elegance and unique texture, which have the potential to explode in popularity over the coming years.

In this article, we explore some of the polished plaster trends that are starting to have a significant impact on interior design. From innovative techniques to modern colour palettes, you can experience it all with polished plaster and its many applications and finishes.


The Natural Look

Nature continues to inspire interior designs, and polished plaster fits in beautifully. Natural elements bring nature into your spaces, reminding you of pleasant days at the beach, in the forest, and more.

Venetian polished plaster can be used to achieve a number of natural looks. For instance, travertine polished plaster creates a finish that mimics natural stone. Shape the plaster into a block or panels to form a stunning polished plaster feature wall. You can also use the plaster to create direction in a hall or passageway.


The Sumptuous Look

Opulence and grandeur are also favourite themes in interior design. Now’s the time to take advantage of this beautiful interior design theme with polished plaster.

Polished plaster can be applied to create quite a sumptuous look in any room. It takes the meticulous application of the plaster to create these beautiful surfaces, especially the popular metallic treatments.

Metallic polished plaster creates a dramatic look that allows your home’s personality to show through. If your interior is more minimalist, that’s OK. Polished plaster can liven it up a bit without adding additional furniture or furnishings. Why not consider creating a polished plaster feature wall to add more impact to a space in your home?


The Curvaceous Look

Interior design trends continue to love curved and fluted shapes. Curvaceous furniture, for instance, leaves the angular lines of traditional furniture behind. Today, flowing lines and scalloped edges are becoming more popular than ever in furniture design.

Interiors can also be embellished, such as stairways, grand columns, and elegant cornices. Thankfully, polished plaster makes the ideal finish for these surfaces. To achieve these looks, it’s necessary to hire professional polished plasterers who have the training and experience to create a finish that’s flawless. Here, think of curved stairways that come down and melt into the surrounding walls. It’s a breathtaking look!

Spalluto is one of the best choices for these applications. It has a high gloss finish that’s stunning and a smooth texture that’s perfect for those curvy interiors. You can combine this finish with beautiful lighting to enhance the light-reflective properties of this plaster.

Moreover, you can choose from a broad range of colours and shades to achieve a seamless look with existing interiors.


Tile Replacement

Today, everyone’s looking for low-maintenance wall treatments. Here, too, polished plaster can be used as tile replacement.

Tiles are an eco-friendly wall treatment that’s been around for hundreds of years. They’re regularly used in bathrooms, kitchens, near the pool, and more. However, tiles are not low-maintenance. For one thing, there’s the grout to deal with. Over time, grout becomes dirty and discoloured; it can also develop mould growth. Tiles are not seamless, either, due to the grout.

On the other hand, polished plaster can create a seamless finish for rooms that would otherwise need to be tiled. The plaster is lime-based, which makes it less prone to cracking and shrinking. And if it gets wet, the plaster quickly allows the water to be absorbed and then evaporated into the air.

For the same reason, polished plaster walls can regulate humidity and prevent mould/fungus growth in the walls or on their surface. Polished plaster can make an excellent replacement for tiles in almost any room.


White Polished Plaster

White polished plaster is another trend that’s popular right now. White is a colour that goes with everything, and it creates a natural wall finish that keeps mould, fungus, and bacteria at bay.

This plaster finish creates a natural, dramatic finish in any room. If you love earthy, natural elements, white polished plaster may be the right choice for your project. Think of the natural colours and textures you can use with white polished plaster. You can evoke anything from the forest to the beach with this finish.

The white plaster can also be used to create a dramatic effect on an accent wall. Natural or artificial light can be used to highlight the texture and colour of the plaster. You can use this to showcase furnishings, artwork, and more.


Other Contemporary Colour Schemes

While polished plaster is often associated with earth and natural tones, you can also create beautiful colour schemes with the plaster. Interior designers and plasterers are using polished plaster to create waves of colour in different spaces. They rely on bold, dynamic colours with metallic accents or combine them with pastels.

These modern colour schemes add a fresh, dynamic element to spaces, allowing for exciting contrasts and personalised expression.


Fusion with Modern  Elements

Another exciting trend in polished plaster is its fusion with modern elements and materials. Designers and plasterers are experimenting with using plaster with temporary architectural features, such as minimalist shelving units, fireplace surrounds, and light fixtures.

Sometimes they use the old and new to create a captivating visual experience, blending the timeless beauty of polished plaster with sleek, modern furniture and furnishings.


Sustainable Materials

Our last design trend with polished plaster is the movement to use sustainable materials. There is a growing demand for the use of sustainable and natural materials in interior design. Polished plaster, being made with lime and marble dust, goes along perfectly with this design trend.

As customers seek out eco-friendly alternatives, the use of polished plaster provides them with a chance to create beautiful, luxurious spaces that are healthy and minimise environmental impact.


Summing It Up

Interior design is constantly evolving, and polished plaster continues to be a mainstay with upcoming trends. There’s room for artistic interpretation and contemporary colour schemes, to natural elements combined with Venetian polished plaster.

We expect to see polished plaster explode in popularity, bringing new life into interior design.

FAQs about Polished Plaster Trends

How durable is polished plaster?
Polished plaster is remarkably durable and can withstand the test of time. When properly maintained, it can last for many years.

Is polished plaster suitable for bathrooms and kitchens?
Yes, polished plaster is an excellent choice for high-humidity areas. It’s naturally mould-resistant and can be sealed to enhance its water resistance.

Can I apply polished plaster myself?
While it’s possible to DIY polished plaster, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional to achieve the best results.

Is polished plaster more expensive than traditional paint?
Polished plaster can be more costly upfront, but its longevity and timeless appeal often make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Can I change the colour of polished plaster once it’s applied?
Some formulations allow for colour changes, but it’s best to consult with a professional to ensure the desired outcome.

Are there any eco-friendly options for polished plaster?
Yes, many eco-friendly polished plaster options are available, utilising natural and sustainable materials.

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