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Are you searching for a unique wall treatment? Would you like to have something that’s unique, long-lasting, and beautiful? If so, then consider using Novacolor for your polished plaster needs.

Novacolor offers a stunning range of polished plaster products, which are used all over the world. This is a company that has an amazing reputation, and it offers only the highest-quality polished plaster products available on the market.


What is Polished Plaster & What is It Made Of?

Polished plaster is a classic Italian wall treatment that’s become popular around the world. It creates stunning finishes on walls, ceilings, and other architectural elements. The plaster is made with eco-friendly lime, marble dust, water, and pigments (colours). These materials are entirely natural and sustainable.

The plaster is popular and is used across a wide range of businesses, including hotels, galleries, bars, restaurants, and more. It’s also often used in homes for a luxurious finish.

Once the plaster’s been applied, its appearance can vary depending on the materials, the pigments added, the effects used, and the skill of the plasterer. With polished plaster, it’s possible to create effects such as plain walls, light polished surfaces, or textured and marbled effects.


A Brief History of Polished Plaster

Polished plaster has been in use for centuries. Archeologists have found this wall treatment in ancient Roman homes, such as those preserved by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. The wall treatment was also used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

From there, polished plaster didn’t become popular again until the Italian Renaissance. At that time, the plaster was used inside and outside, creating ornate frescoes. Polished plaster was also used in Venice, Italy, during the 15th century to create a decorative, durable, beautiful wall treatment that lasted for decades or longer.

Venetians loved marble finishes; however, their homes were built on stilts over the water. Heavy marble made these structures too heavy, causing them to sink. It was for this reason that Venetians chose polished plaster. It was much lighter than marble so that the Venetians could have the look of marble without its weight.

Today, polished plaster is again becoming a popular wall finish for use in homes and businesses.


What Makes Novacolor Superior to Other Products?

Novacolor polished plaster is a superior wall treatment compared to other products. The company’s products are better than other types of plaster, wallpaper, or paint. With other plaster products and paint, it’s necessary to reapply the plaster or repaint every few years (or more often). Wallpaper must also be redone every few years. When you consider the cost of purchasing and reapplying these products, you can easily see why Novacolor plaster is the best option.

Novacolor polished plaster is long-lasting and durable, but it also has other qualities that make it a superior product.



Novacolor polished plaster contains no chemicals that put off VOCs. VOCs are volatile organic compounds that can put gas into the air of your home. These chemicals are found in paint and other plaster products. They can cause a wide range of health issues for anyone who has respiratory issues, allergies, or multiple chemical sensitivities.

Novacolor polished plaster is odourless and won’t harm your health.


Eco-friendly Products

Novacolor polished plaster products are also an eco-friendly choice for home and business interior decorating. All of the ingredients are natural and non-toxic.

On the other hand, other plasters and paints are made from chemicals that can be harmful to your health.


Low Maintenance

Unlike other wall treatments, polished plaster is a low-maintenance choice for finishing your walls. You only need a damp cloth to wipe away dirt, and you’re done. If the surface develops scuffs, you can rub it with mineral wool. That usually takes care of the issue.

Wax can also be applied to Novacolor polished plaster to seal the plaster and make it waterproof. In addition, the wax application also repels grease and dirt.


Mould and Mildew Prevention

Have you ever noticed how other types of plaster and paint fare when they become wet? They don’t do very well!

However, polished plaster has the ability to absorb moisture and remain intact. The plaster also has anti-microbial properties, so you won’t have to worry about the growth of mould, bacteria, or mildew on the plaster finish.


The Novacolor Product Range

Novacolor offers a broad range of polished plaster products to choose from. This means you have more choices when it comes to creating a bespoke wall finish. Here are some of the products you can find from Novacolor.



The mineral product range offers deep colours that come directly from nature. It’s possible to create nuanced textures and designs with this polished plaster finish. Professional plasterers can add stencilling, overlaying, and textures to create stunning finishes. This product line includes:

  • Marmorino KS
  • Marmur Fine
  • Mamur Medio
  • Mirror
  • Era Veneziana
  • Teodorico
  • Calcecruda
  • Calcecruda Intonachino



Novacolor’s Metallic’s product line creates stunning, high impact finishes. The polished plaster offers beauty and elegance to any room. The Metallics line includes the following finishes:

  • Metallo Fuso
  • Dune
  • Dune Opaco
  • Africa
  • Swahili
  • Animamundi
  • Zeus
  • R-Stone



Concrete polished plaster creates a timeless look that’s perfect for urban designs. This product range includes:

  • Archi+ Concrete
  • Archi+ Tadelakt
  • Archi+ Big
  • Concrete by Novacolor



Oxidation is perfect for spaces where you want an industrial, urban feel and finish. The decorative finish appears as a rust and verdigris effect. This product line includes:

  • Ironic
  • Verderame



Novacolor’s Wall2Floor polished plaster is a beautiful, practical finish that’s perfect for wet rooms, including bathrooms, near swimming pools, and spa areas.


Cera Wax

The Cera Wax product is a water based decorative finish for interior use. The finish adds shades of light, creating a metallic finish that changes, depending on the angle from which it is viewed. This product line includes:

  • Wax Plus
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Gold Mica
  • Barocco Gold
  • Madreperla


Summing it Up

As you can see, Novacolor polished plaster is a superior product that is durable and long-lasting. It requires minimal maintenance, unlike other types of wall finishes. In addition, the company offers a wide range of polished plaster products and colours.

You may be dazed by all the options to choose from! But no matter which Novacolor polished plaster product you choose, the result will be a bespoke wall finish that will last for years!


Is Novacolor suitable for both residential and commercial projects?

Absolutely! Novacolor’s versatility makes them an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects. Their range of finishes and customization options can cater to various settings.

How long does it take for Novacolor to complete a project?

The project timeline depends on the size and complexity of the project. Novacolor’s team will provide you with a clear estimate during the consultation phase.

Do they offer maintenance services for polished plaster?

Yes, Novacolor offers maintenance services to ensure that your polished plaster retains its beauty and integrity over time.

Is Novacolor environmentally conscious?

Yes, Novacolor is dedicated to sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials and practices in their polished plaster solutions.

What sets Novacolor apart from other polished plaster providers?

Novacolor’s extensive experience, commitment to quality, and customisation options make them stand out in the industry.

Is there a warranty for Novacolor’s polished plaster?

Yes, Novacolor provides warranties for their products. Be sure to inquire about the specific terms when discussing your project.

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