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Are you tired of regular, nondescript plaster walls? Does your home need renovating and new wall treatments? If so, it’s time for an upgrade to Venetian plaster Liverpool. Plaster is making a comeback with improved plastering techniques and plaster veneers. These wall treatments are affordable and add a touch of elegance to any room.

At Stucco & Stucco, our Venetian plaster walls are thicker and more durable than drywall. Not only that, but it also offers structural superiority, along with a flatter, smoother surface.

What is Venetian Plaster?

Venetian plaster has been used since ancient times. Also called marble plaster, this plaster is an Italian polished plaster that’s made with lime putty and marble dust. The mixture creates a polished wall or ceiling that looks like it’s made from marble. The effect can be both decorative and luminescent. 

In addition, Venetian plaster can be enhanced with acrylic resins to give the surface the look of a hard rock, textured, smooth marble-like finish with a glossy sheen. 

Venetian plaster has been used for centuries; while it was used for construction, today, the kind of plaster used to create a unique, beautiful interior. The style may be anything from old-world traditional to contemporary, and Venetian plaster blends in elegantly.


What is Venetian Plaster Made of? 

Our traditional Venetian plaster is made of lime putty, water, and marble dust, which creates lime plaster. Once applied to the walls, the lime plaster creates a polished finish on walls and ceilings. The marble dust causes the Venetian plaster to develop a marble-like appearance. 

Once the plaster has been applied, waxes and oils are used to finish the plaster surface. Each finish adds a different look or texture to the Venetian plaster. For instance, waxes can be used to create a smooth, shiny surface. Oils applied to Venetian plaster bring out the colours of the plaster, making it possible to see the various patterns and colours in the plaster. 

liverpool venetian plaster
liverpool plaster venetian

What are the Benefits of Venetian Plaster?

Venetian plaster offers several benefits in addition to a beautiful finish to walls and ceilings!

1. Versatility

Venetian plaster is very versatile and can be used in many areas of your home. Inside the home, lime plaster is used to create stunning walls and ceilings with a marble-like appearance and unique textures.

2. Durable

Lime plaster has been in use since Roman times when it was extremely popular. Today, Venetian plaster continues to be a durable, strong finish. 

3. Regulates Humidity

Venetian Plaster Liverpool looks like rock, with the same hardness as true stone. However, many are amazed to learn that Venetian plaster breathes. It has the ability to allow moisture to escape from the substrate (underlying wall), dispersing heat and humidity. Your home will feel more comfortable, even on hot, humid days. 

4. The Cost of Venetian Plaster & Installation

It is true that Venetian plaster can be more expensive than other wall treatments. However, it’s necessary to consider the longevity of the plaster. Its durability makes maintenance and repairs less costly, and it’s a sustainable alternative to paint and other treatments. 

So, it’s necessary to consider all the many benefits of Venetian plaster as you also consider the cost of its installation. Over time, lime plaster is a better investment that pays for itself. 

5. Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly interior wall treatment, you can’t get much better than Venetian plaster. The plaster is made of natural materials, making this a sustainable design element.

In addition, Venetian plaster has some insulating factors. For instance, lime plaster acts to hold in the heat, making it more economical to heat your home. In the summer, the plaster also works to keep surfaces cool, so you can reduce the amount of air conditioning needed to keep your home comfortable.

6. Mould & Mildew Protection

Venetian plaster also offers protection against mould and mildew. The plaster itself breathes, but it’s also more alkaline, with a high pH level, making the wall treatment a natural fungicide. You won’t have to worry about distressing mould or mildew stains, or growth with lime plaster. 

7. Low Maintenance

In addition to keeping mould and mildew at bay, Venetian plaster is also easy to maintain. All that’s necessary to clean surfaces is to wipe them with a damp cloth. 

A wax finish is also beneficial to keep dirt from sticking to a surface. You’ll have much less work and cleaning to do if you choose Venetian plaster. 

venetian plaster liverpool

Why Choose Us Venetian Plaster Liverpool?

At Stucco & Stucco, we understand the beauty of Venetian plaster and how to apply it in many different situations. We’re able to create polished plaster with unique finishes such as metallics and corrosion, and more. We have the knowledge and experience to create a bespoke lime plaster surface for your home or business.

What’s more, we can work with you to develop and create a bespoke design to create a stunning space that oozes quality and luxury. We provide you with the highest quality installation with Novacolor products.

What We Do at Stucco & Stucco

We provide training and installation services, along with a supply of Novacolor products. Through our products and services, we work with our clients to create stunning interior effects and high-end architectural designs. We are passionate about surface design and strive to create bespoke, unique wall finishes we install for our clients. 

And if you’d like to learn how to install Venetian plaster, we offer some of the best courses in the area. We teach theory, application, and more. When you take classes at Stucco & Stucco, you’ll learn the theory of applying Venetian plaster and learn how to create and conduct a successful business. You learn the practical applications and the ways to approach potential clients, and so much more. 

We also offer complementary courses on unique finishes such as Archi+ concrete or metallics and so much more. 

If you’re looking for Venetian plaster supplies, we’ve got you covered there, too. We offer stock to those who have attended our courses. We sell our supplies in bulk, directly from Italy. 

We’re the go-to company for installation, training, and Venetian plaster supplies. If you’d like to learn more about our products and services, contact us today! We’re ready to answer your questions and create an amazing installation for your home or business.

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