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by | Feb 10, 2023 | Venetian Plaster

Instagram is filled with ideas on decorating your home. You’re sure to find beautiful images of rooms that have textured walls. These have become extremely popular this year. But how are the walls textured? It’s not wallpaper or paint. The material used to achieve textured walls is Venetian plaster and limewash. 

Back in the 15th century, they came up with the Venetian plaster technique, and it’s making a huge comeback. The beauty of the plaster is that it can be used in almost any space. The result of Venetian plaster is a luxurious, high-end look in any residence or commercial property. 

Venetian plaster applied to the wall can be done in many different ways, including different textures, colours, added surface designs, and more. When the plaster has dried, a limewash is then applied over it, resulting in a translucent look. The entire effect is gorgeous. 

We’ve gathered information on what you need to know about this design trend. 


Why Venetian Plaster and Limewash? 

Plaster adds dimension, depth, movement, and warmth to a space. It’s also a little easier than putting up wallpaper; however, we recommend hiring a professional Venetian plasterer. The reason is that they have the education and experience to ensure the plaster is correctly applied to surfaces. They are also artisans who can create lovely designs, textures, and more. Venetian plaster is the perfect choice for both residences and commercial properties.  

Another reason to choose Venetian plaster is the earthy, soft look it brings to a space. The textures are natural and organic. Walls textured with Venetian plaster are much better than plain or wallpapered walls, especially if you want to create a beautiful, warm, welcoming space. 

Lime plaster (another name for Venetian plaster) is a natural material that doesn’t put off VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These compounds usually come from paint and other materials used in construction. Anyone who has allergies, sinus problems, asthma, and other sensitivities can quickly become sick from VOCs. However, with lime plaster, you don’t have to deal with this problem. 

In addition, lime plaster is also permeable. It allows moisture to escape, so mould and mildew will not grow behind or on a wall covered with Venetian plaster. 

One of the downsides of Venetian plaster is that it can be expensive. While that’s true, consider that Venetian plaster can last for centuries with the proper care. The plaster lasts much longer than wallpaper or paint, both of which must be renewed every 3-4 years. 


Design Ideas for Your Property

With Venetian plaster, you can easily create a unique look that stands out. Plaster can be used to create delicate moulds on walls and ceilings. These areas can also be carved with various designs, such as leaves, abstract patterns, and geometric designs. 

Carvings like these can make any room seem like a work of art. With walls and ceilings that are so decorative, you may not need as much furniture or display items in the room. Allow the walls to show through, and people will be amazed. 

These same decorating ideas work for large commercial properties, too. For instance, businesses such as restaurants, cafes, galleries, and retail stores can add a lavish look to their décor with Venetian plaster. The carvings can also be done using a theme in commercial and residential themes. 

Moreover, a company could also have its logo carved into the lime plaster. The company branding is evident in a beautiful way, etched into the Venetian plaster. 


Venetian Plaster in the Bathroom

Another great idea is to use Venetian plaster in the bathroom. Many people believe this plaster would not be proper to use in any wet space, including a bathroom. However, the plaster is water-repellent and requires some protective sealant. It can last for decades if properly cared for, even in the bathroom. 

Bathrooms are usually small spaces that are used throughout the day. It’s a space that can make a good or bad impression on people. When you use Venetian plaster in this room, it will definitely leave a good impression. 

One idea is to create an antique wallpaper look. You can achieve this by choosing warm colours that are inviting. Colours such as yellow and orange are warm and inviting, especially in a small bathroom that may not have very much natural light. 

Another idea is to use brown, textured lime plaster. Before you say, “Ewh,” hang on! There are many beautiful shades of brown to choose from. You can pair brown plaster with mint green or turquoise accents to create pops of colour in the bathroom. The brown adds ambiance and depth, while the colours create interest and accents in the bathroom. 


Create an Extravagant Look with Ragging and Stencils 

Ragging creates a soft or dramatic look, depending on the colours and the cloths used to create the effect. Plaster can be coloured and used to create a soft, marble, or crushed velvet effect. The finish is made by crumpling rags and dipping them in paint to create a beautiful finish. 

Stenciling uses templates that are pre-cut into different designs. It’s also possible to buy blank stencils and create your own designs. Ragging and stencilling are also used together to create a beautiful design. 

To use these methods, it’s necessary to mix paint with glaze and wipe it off rags. Alternatively, you can choose to apply glaze with the rag, too. It’s recommended to add one solid pattern over the finished look. This adds dimension and depth to the wall and creates a lavish look. 

This technique can be used in hotel lobbies, high-end hotels, and other luxurious places. 


Mixtures of Textures on Surfaces

Another option for Venetian plaster is to choose a mixture of texture over patterns. This brings life to dull spaces. The walls become a strong statement, drawing attention and bringing the space to life. 

You can mix textures with other textures, patterns, and materials. The result is a subtle, beautiful backdrop that’s sure to amaze. This look can be used as a backdrop for luxury products in a retail setting. 


How to Maintain Venetian Plaster & Lime Wash? 

The plaster is long-lasting and low-maintenance. If it becomes scuffed, it can be fixed with lime plaster. Minor scuffs can be cleaned off with a damp cloth and mild detergent or with gentle sanding (use 1000-grit sandpaper) or fine steel wool. Venetian plaster is much less work than most people think, and it’s as adaptable as paint when it comes to application and upkeep. 

However, Venetian plaster that is textured or patterned needs a little more maintenance. It’s necessary to fix defects without leaving a mark, which is highly challenging. If the defect is in a noticeable place or is large, it may be necessary to re-plaster the entire wall. 

All lime plaster requires a wax seal to be applied. The wax makes the wall water-resistant, and it repels grease and dirt. Cleaning is pretty easy—just use a little mild soap and warm water! 

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