Venetian Plaster is an Optimal Choice for Storefront Renovation

by | Dec 20, 2022 | Venetian Plaster

Updated 31/08/2023

Are you considering different ways to renovate your storefront? It can be a challenging process to find a décor and design that works for your business. However, Venetian plaster may be a great option to consider.

If your storefront needs an update to something more luxurious and refined, Venetian plaster may be the right choice.


What is Venetian Plaster? 

Venetian plaster, also known as polished plaster, is a style of plastering that is more opulent than traditional plaster or paint. The plaster is lime-based and mixed with marble dust to create an artisan design and display that’s stunning and unique.

It takes skilled artisans to apply Venetian plaster. A special technique is needed to correctly apply the plaster and create the polished effect so many have come to appreciate. Skilled plasters must also understand the technical aspects of the plaster and have knowledge of the materials to create beautiful surfaces with Venetian plaster.

Polished plaster is a versatile material that can be used in many ways, including decorative effects such as stencilling and banding. Both of these finishes are the perfect choice for branded logos, making these finishes an optimal choice for storefronts.

Venetian plastering can also be used to bring attention and focus to architectural features, including columns and arches. The plaster can also create walls that stand out beautifully in a retail space.


Venetian Plaster in Commercial Spaces

Many high-end retail stores have chosen to use Venetian plaster in their spaces. The plaster dries hard, like a rock, and gives the appearance of real stone without the cost. Polished plaster is also used for walkways and other spaces to create a high-end experience for customers.


What Makes Venetian Plaster Appropriate for Storefronts & Other Spaces? 

Venetian plaster is a classic that’s been around for thousands of years. The plaster readily takes colour and offers a soft, natural appearance. It’s also a suitable material for walls and ceilings, floors, and more. In addition, the plaster is the perfect choice for columns, stairways, and even wet areas, such as bathrooms.

Polished plaster offers a high-end quality for customer-facing spaces. It can be used in storefronts, showrooms, and many other spaces. The plaster offers a touch of luxury and elegance wherever it’s used.

In addition, Venetian plaster’s appearance can be changed to match your store. For instance, polished plaster can be rough and textured, coloured to match your branding, or smoothed and polished for an opulent appearance.


Isn’t Venetian Plaster Expensive? 

Many businesses believe Venetian plaster is too expensive to use for their storefronts or other spaces. However, consider that prices can vary.

The cost of a Venetian plaster installation depends on:

  • The specific plaster finish that’s chosen for the project
  • The size of the project (measured in square feet)
  • The time needed to complete the project
  • Type of surface (tall ceilings/walls, stairways, and more)
  • Tint (if any) used

And remember that polished plaster lasts for decades. It doesn’t have to be repainted every few years, and the plaster is easier to maintain. These factors make Venetian plaster a cost-effective, durable choice for a storefront.


Why Choose Venetian Polished Plaster for Your Storefront Renovation? 

Here are some of the reasons to consider Venetian plaster for your retail space:


1. Bespoke to Your Brand

Brand recognition is essential in the retail market, and Venetian plaster can be completely customised to fit your store’s branding. The plaster is versatile and can be done in specific colours, designs, stencilling, and more. It can also include a logo.

Polished plaster is a great way to bring attention to your storefront with a bespoke finish and your brand’s logo and colours.


2. Creates High-End Finish

Venetian plaster also creates a high-end finish, giving your storefront an elegant appearance. The finish can be mirror-like and smooth. The plaster seems to shine in different ways depending on how it catches the light.

If your business wants to reach a high-end clientele, Venetian plaster is the way to catch their attention. There’s no question that polished plaster is one of the finer things in life appreciated by discerning customers.


3. Is Venetian Plaster Truly Eco-friendly? 

Many businesses are concerned about their impact on the environment. As a result, they’re searching for the most eco-friendly solutions possible. The good news is that Venetian plaster is eco-friendly and sustainable.

All the materials used to make polished plaster are natural and non-toxic. They don’t emit harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like paints, sealants, and traditional plaster. Not only is Venetian plaster natural, but it’s also safe for use in storefronts and other spaces.

Venetian plaster also works as insulation on walls and ceilings, making them more energy efficient. What’s more, polished plaster is fire-resistant. When it’s dried and cured, the surface of Venetian plaster becomes hard and anti-flammable.

What’s more, once the Venetian plaster has cured, it’s ready for a sealant that’s entirely natural. The sealant is made of beeswax, and it, too, contains no harmful chemicals.

The plaster is also made with lime, so it absorbs CO2 and has antibacterial/fungicidal properties. That means surfaces made with polished plaster are free of microbes such as bacteria, mould, and mildew.


4. Polished Plaster is Durable

A storefront needs to be made with durable materials, and polished plaster is one of the best choices for this purpose. Venetian plaster lasts for decades. Surfaces made with polished plaster tend to last much longer than painted surfaces, and they rarely shrink or crack.

In addition, the plaster is easy to clean, especially if a wax coating has been applied to the plaster surface. The wax helps repel dust and dirt, making the surface easier to clean. Polished plaster also breathes and dries quickly. It doesn’t trap moisture beneath the surface and works to protect the building’s structure.


Summing It Up

As you can see, Venetian plaster is an optimal choice for a storefront renovation. It’s also a great option for any business that desires to reach a discerning clientele and create a stunning, unforgettable storefront.


Is Venetian plaster suitable for both interior and exterior storefronts?

Absolutely! Venetian plaster’s durability and versatility make it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior storefronts. Its ability to withstand various weather conditions adds to its appeal.

Can I customise the colour of Venetian plaster?

Certainly. Venetian plaster can be tinted to a wide range of colours, enabling you to align it with your brand’s colour palette and design vision.

How long does Venetian plaster typically last on storefronts?

With proper maintenance, Venetian plaster can last for several decades. Its robust composition ensures longevity, making it a wise investment.

Is Venetian plaster eco-friendly?

Yes, Venetian plaster is environmentally friendly. It primarily consists of natural materials like lime and marble dust, minimising its impact on the environment.

Can I combine Venetian plaster with other design elements?

Absolutely! Venetian plaster complements various design elements such as wood, metal, and glass. Its versatility allows for seamless integration.

Is professional application necessary?

While DIY kits are available, achieving the desired Venetian plaster finish requires skill and experience. Hiring a professional ensures a flawless result.

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