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The rise of surface design

Whether you are a designer, architect or discerning client, many of the fantastic spaces being created for hospitality, business or in peoples homes, are centred around bespoke surface design and stunning finishes. Light or heavy textures, metallic and even rust are being used in a dazzling array of colours to give an atmosphere like no other.

Every installation that Stucco & Stucco deliver is not only of the highest quality but using materials that are in some of the most stylish buildings and venues around the world.

If you need a genuinely individual, one of a kind installation, whatever the situation, then let's get together to discuss how we can help..
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Endless combinations

Many of our clients come back again and again because of the range of finishes we install here at Stucco & Stucco. If you browse all of the different finishes, then think about the combinations you can have, not only with textures but colour, any installation brief can be met. 

Simple and elegant smooth Marmorino, or rugged and timeless concrete, high impact finishes like polished and banded are beautiful. But when you add custom stencilling, and an antique look, the walls look and feel like they date back hundreds of years. 

Cleaner finishes can have inset logos and be waterproof, metallics for that distinctive look and rust and verdigris that make any space dramatic and moody. Whatever the surface, there is a Novacolor product that can give you what you desire, and Stucco & Stucco have installed them all. Take a look at our Project's page to see what you could have.
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Surface Design Finishes



Smooth to the touch this wall finish is created with Marmorino KS and gives a luxurious feel to any design, perfect for statement pieces in hallways or staircases. 

This example has a wax fusion to provide it with a subtle mother of pearl sheen. Marmorino KS is a very tactile, durable and beautiful product and requires no maintenance.

Light Texture

This wall finish is all about the trowel technique when applying the Marmorino KS; gentle texture contrasts with the polished top coat. This light finish is highlighted when metallic waxes are applied.

Lighting positioned close to the wall will enhance the detail in the design, and add drama to the room. A feature fireplace is a perfect opportunity to use light texture Marmorino KS; it adds longevity and interest to a bland space.

Heavy Texture

Great depth is the signature attribute of this finish. Heavy texture built up with many layers of Mineral based products from large grain to fine grain. Installed to great effect in commercial restaurants where a more substantial space needs to feel cosy and welcoming, and accents are present throughout. To further enhance and add a somewhat unique shade to the final result, colour washes and waxes are precisely what's needed.


A pitted Marmorino KS finish creates a more uniform texture, with depth. When applied adjacent to a smooth finish, the contrast has a substantial impact. 

Corporate environments like offices are ideal for this finish because it's elegant but simple. Hard wearing is always a requirement for these spaces and pitted meets the brief.


A perfect decorative finish, for adding interest through texture and colour, in areas such as dining rooms, rather than art pieces. 

Metallics are an ideal additional coating to make the wall catch the eye. A tricky finish to master especially over larger areas, because its a linear application.


Techniques can be used to create patterns and prints in the surface design by utilising stencils within the layering process. 

These stencils enable the final effects to include, logos', geometric shapes and intricate patterns. A very impressive finish; stencilling gives walls a truly bespoke and unique design.


This material is the only finish that gives you incredible depth of shine and impression. This type of surface can be installed in many places because it's all about effect. 

With a very high-end feel, larger spaces of any type benefit from light refraction, making for very complex reflections. Burnishing is very important to get the depth of shine, as is applying a final coat to seal and protect.


Using a rough finish to emphasise contrast and colour with lines of a smoother material this is a highly visual technique that incorporates varied texture and shadows. 

Banding works well in corporate receptions when combined inset logos'. These straight lines give a feeling of structure and texture that can add interest to any environment.


When looking for true depth of colour in a multi-layered installation, blending is the best way to have lighter and darker tones. This works particularly well with stencilling and layering. 

This technique can be used for artwork and more specifically very visual design areas of commercial spaces like restaurants. Great lighting is always essential to get the best feel.


Not only is concrete strong and durable as a finish, it can be polished, light or dark shades, rough or smooth, so it’s very versatile. For inset work like corporate logos, or geometric shapes it’s perfect. 

Concrete is great for very heavy industrial areas, and is a staple of urban design either as features or larger installations.


Metallics are exactly what is needed when a particular wall or installation needs further enhancement for greater impact. It works amazingly with light, and the range of options will match just about any feature. 

Often used over other textured Marmorino KS. It’s equally possible to use metallics on their own, as they are a finished layer in their own right.


The chemical process that creates this finish is as close to the real thing as you get. Through fine metal particles and an accelerator actual rust forms within the surface and will continue to oxidise if exposed. 

This finish turns walls into masterpieces of industrial and urban design. With a truly evolving and natural look.


We have finishing techniques that create an aged and weathered patina look. Perfect for when smooth, large surfaces and modern designs are not the desired finish. 

This style when installed with stencils gives a very unique look. These techniques are always used in spaces where an historical feel is required and age is important.


Much like antique, this is a subtler technique and finish to be applied in situations of any age. The level of distress is completely down to the design and various colours can be applied. 

Generally, these finishes are quite heavily textured, so tend to be statement pieces rather than whole spaces due to the intensity of the finish.


One of the great side effects of creating amazing installs in spaces, whatever the type, is that many of them have signature pieces or singular areas that are actually artwork. 

Whether part of the install or additional on canvas or board, these add a completely new dimension to an area.  Artwork can use any techniques or material than can either contrast or complement any larger installation. They can transform bland spaces into amazing places.


Similar to travertine tiles, this finish has the correct look but is a seamless piece that gives the impression of a heavy and very large piece of rock. 

A tactile and subtle finish that can be textured or smooth to the touch. Often used as statement pieces, or for whole rooms such as bathrooms or for pillars and columns.

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