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Surface Design

We are passionate about surface design & Venetian plaster and deliver bespoke and unique wall finishes via our training, installation and supply services.

Stucco & Stucco have been creating beautiful surface designs for over 10 years

Surface design using polished & Venetian plaster, concrete or unusual finishes like metallics and corrosion are becoming the finish of choice in many high end commercial bars, restaurants and office spaces, and homes too.  Whether it’s walls, floors, ceilings or even artwork, designers and architects are adding these features to their projects. Many clients are looking for something special and bespoke to create an atmosphere of opulence and quality. There is no better combination than Stucco & Stucco to give you that perfect installation and Novacolor and it’s amazing product range.

What we do


Master craftsmen teaching introductory, advanced and specialist techniques.
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Skilled artisans crafting luxury finishes using the finest products from Novacolor.
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Team Stucco supplying everything you need for your clients bespoke installations.
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Masters of the Novacolor brand. Installing in all kinds of spaces

Our projects

Using Novocolor products and installing for our clients in all kinds of spaces, from the Hendricks Gin Palace in Scotland and the Fazenda and Estabula restaurant chains nationally. To clean crisp office spaces and feature walls, bathrooms and more in peoples homes. Such is our mastery of Novacolor products that Andy Robinson was named a Novacolor Ambassador for 2018, one of only eight master installers worldwide.


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Is Polished Plaster Expensive?

Is Polished Plaster Expensive?

Polished plaster has become an increasingly popular choice for interior and exterior wall finishes due to its stunning aesthetic appeal and unique...


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