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Are you searching for a microcement supplier UK? If so, you’ve found us! We’re an official supplier of Novcolor microcement products. In fact, we only stock and supply Novocolor products.

Why Choose Microcement?

Microcement is an amazing decorative coating that is popular now and will remain so into the future. The reason is that this material has many advantages over other materials. Microcement is an ideal surface covering for a wide range of spaces, styles, colors, and textures. Here are some additional benefits of choosing microcement for your next home project:

Many Colours Available

Novocolor offers a wide range of color pigments to choose from, so you can go wild with your creativity. It’s easy to choose unlimited combinations to use throughout your home. Even furniture can be given an update with any color and texture of microcement.


Compatible with All Surfaces

One of the best advantages of choosing microcement is that the material is compatible with all surfaces. It has great adhesion, so it’s not necessary to do building work before applying microcement.


Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are also a breeze with microcement. It only takes a little water and mild soap to keep this material clean and in great condition.



Microcement is applied in a thin layer of 2-3mm, unlike traditional cement. This makes it easy to apply the decorative covering to any surface.


High Resistance

This material also has great resistance to UV rays, abrasion, and more. Microcement can last for years and decades on interiors or exteriors.

Quick & Easy Installation

There’s no need to prepare most surfaces when applying microcement. In some cases, it’s best to first remove debris and dirt before installing the material. Otherwise, no building work is necessary.


High Decorative Value

Microcement can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s perfect to use on floors, walls, ceilings, terraces, swimming pools, and furniture. You’re only limited by your imagination when redecorating with microcement.


Value for Money

Without the need for building work before its application, microcement becomes a cost-effective material for renovations.

With all of these benefits, microcement is one of the best choices for your next renovation project.

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Why Choose Us? 

As a microcement supplier UK, we only stock and supply products that are the best on the market. Novacolor products are recognized as one of the best available when it comes to their variety of products and colors. They have superior products that are used all around the world. 

In addition, we only use Novacolor products. We appreciate the color combinations and specialist finishes their products offer. You’ll have a breathtaking space when you choose Novacolor microcement.

With all our background with Novacolor products, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure you purchase the right product for your project.

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Novacolor Concrete Products

Our Novacolor microcement line includes the following products:

Archi+ Concrete

This is a mineral plaster coat in powder for interiors. It’s made of well-seasoned hydrated lime putties, white cement, aggregates, and rheological modifiers to ensure workability. The grain of this product produces an elegant concrete effect that is popular in today’s modern architecture.

Archi+ Concrete comes in a wide range of shades and textures.


Archi+ Tadelkat

Archi+ Tadelkat is a lime-based powder coating for interiors, based on hydraulic lime. The material is made of natural hydraulic lime, aerial lime, aggregates, and rheological modifiers that are carefully selected to ensure excellent workability.

The particular formulation allows for replicating different textures and finishes. This material comes in a wide range of colours.



Archi+Big is a mineral plaster coat in powder for interiors and exteriors. It is made of hydrated lime putties, white cement, aggregates, and rheological modifiers to ensure excellent workability. This product can be used to achieve a beautiful aesthetic, even when applied in one single layer.



Concrete is an anti-algae acrylic-siloxane plaster coating for exteriors with a fine grain. With its acrylic binder and the siloxane component, Concrete creates a hard surface with good transpirability and resistance to rain. This material will create a beautiful, unique exterior for your home.

With microcement from Novacolar, you can create unique interiors, exteriors, and textures. The Novacolor concrete products we carry provide a stunning concrete finish that will last for years. You can achieve a finish that’s highly detailed, with a texture and colors to suit any décor and architecture. What’s more, these products can be beautifully applied on larger or smaller surface areas.

How to Order Novacolor Microcement Products?

As a microcement supplier, we carry many items in stock of various sizes, and we can mix any color combination that you need here in our studio. Even if we don’t have the current items in stock, our close relationship with Novacolor in Italy ensure we can have your products within 1-2 days.

We are one of the top Venetian plaster and microcement suppliers in the UK. We aim to provide our customers with the finest customer service possible. For this reason, we don’t offer online ordering services. We want to hear from you, telling us what you want to order so we can help you make sure it’s the right product for you and your project.

You can use either the phone or email on our website to put in an order for all the items we have. As long as the products are in stock, you’ll have fast delivery every time. There are some questions that can help when calling to further speed up your order:

  • What product do you need?
  • What color code? (if you know it)
  • What quantity? (usually up to 25kg tubs or bags)
  • When do you need it delivered to you?
  • Where do you need it delivered?
  • How are you going to pay?

We’ll also help you troubleshoot your order to make sure you have enough product and all the ingredients required for your installation finish. We always support the manufacturer’s guidelines; however, our experience with application may allow us to suggest an adjustment for you.

If you’d like to learn more about our microcement supplier UK services, contact us today. We’re always happy to answer your questions about our products or help you decide which product is best for your project. Let us know how we can help with your project.

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