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Elevate the ambiance of your residence or commercial establishment with the opulent allure of Venetian plaster. Transform your surroundings into a masterpiece by adorning them with the most breathtaking decorative plaster finishes available. Venetian plaster stands as a supreme choice, bestowing unparalleled beauty upon walls and ceilings throughout your dwelling or workspace.

For those in pursuit of Venetian plaster London, your quest concludes with our proficient team.

The Marvel of Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster, an artful concoction of slaked lime and marble dust, graces walls and ceilings as an extraordinary plaster. Upon meticulous preparation and application, it metamorphoses into a remarkably polished veneer that imitates the grandeur of marble, sans the associated expenses and burdensome weight.

The plaster solidifies into an unyielding surface, radiating a glossy finish that can be further burnished to a resplendent sheen. With a history spanning centuries, Venetian plaster initially served as interior wall embellishment. Yet, today, it transcends these boundaries, finding its place both indoors and outdoors, bestowing buildings with either a vintage charm or a contemporary finesse, all bedecked in a resplendent finish.

Why Choose Stucco & Stucco?

Our proficiency in handling Venetian plaster extends over numerous years, equipping us with the aptitude to impeccably apply this plaster. Our ardour lies in surface design and the finesse of Venetian plaster. We craft tailor-made, exceptional wall finishes that redefine the aesthetics of your living or working environment.

venetian plaster london

Why Venetian Plaster London?

The longevity of Venetian plaster hinges on its correct application. As this finish gains traction in the UK, our adept squad has undertaken projects of all scales, from petite accent walls to sprawling commercial bathrooms. Even expansive restaurant interiors have been graced by our Venetian plaster, each exuding an individualised allure.

Central to our ethos is our installation work, which commands our undivided attention. Simultaneously managing 1 to 2 projects per week, we seamlessly integrate our endeavours with on-site work, occasionally extending project durations. This deliberate pace guarantees optimal curing and drying intervals before successive layers are administered. A sealing wax consummates our installations, bestowing upon them enduring splendour and robustness.

Irrespective of whether your domain is residential or commercial, Venetian plaster stands as the pinnacle choice for crafting a distinctive realm. This ornamental plaster seizes the attention of all who traverse your premises, leaving an indelible impression. No semblance of paint or wallpaper can rival the luxurious charisma of Venetian plaster.

Each plasterer is an artisan, adept in a plethora of techniques to fulfil your aspirations of an astounding Venetian plaster installation. Our craftsmen fathom the intricacies of Venetian plaster, executing flawless applications on walls and ceilings. They even orchestrate metallic installations, adding an unconventional flair to your domicile or business. Conventionalism is eschewed in favour of our ingenuity.

Beyond precision in each application, our expert plasterers possess an innate knack for crafting unique wonders, including arresting wall art and beyond.

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venetian plaster in london

Advantages of Venetian Plaster London

Selecting Venetian plaster entails embracing an array of merits inherent to this resplendent finish.

Exclusivity & Opulence

Venetian plastering confers matchless magnificence upon your abode or enterprise. Its adaptability to synchronise with existing décor or forge entirely new aesthetics ensures that your space emerges as an exclusive, captivating enclave. The play of light upon Venetian plaster kindles a symphony of reflections, each facet of perfection on display. Moreover, the allure of marble-clad walls is effortlessly achieved sans the financial and structural constraints.

Ecologically Sound & Enduring

Venetian plaster subscribes to environmental responsibility and sustainability. The limestone pivotal to its composition bears renewable credentials. Furthermore, the plaster is devoid of toxins and abstains from emitting VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Ergo, your habitation evolves into a health-conscious haven for you and your kin.

Simplicity in Upkeep

Endowed with durability and ease of cleaning, Venetian plaster obviates maintenance complexities. Its ruggedness renders it apt for high-traffic locales like hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Augmented Property Value

Residential and commercial properties accrue augmented value through Venetian plaster installations.

Versatility at Play

The spectrum of possibilities with Venetian plaster spans from classical Italian marble to contemporary concrete aesthetics. Choice extends to colours and finishes that resonate with your sensibilities.

Venturing into Venetian Plaster London – The Realm of Novacolor Materials

Within Stucco & Stucco, our expertise converges with Novacolor plaster offerings. These globally recognised products bear an unassailable reputation for excellence. The kaleidoscopic array of hues and specialist finishes within Novacolor’s portfolio evokes awe, each variant meticulously stocked by us.

Presented for your perusal are the ensuing Novacolor Venetian plaster selections:

  • Minerals
  • Metallics
  • Concrete
  • Oxidation
  • Wall2Floor
  • Cera Wax

Direct procurement of these products is facilitated through Stucco & Stucco.

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Embarking on a Journey with Venetian Plaster

Supplementary to Venetian plaster installation, we extend an array of services at Stucco & Stucco:


Our Venetian plaster courses empower artisans, furnishing them with an additional skill set. Transformed into skilled practitioners, they emerge as artisans wielding mastery over Venetian plaster. Their newfound prowess equips them to cater to clients who seek unique, opulent Venetian plaster installations in their dwellings or establishments.


In the capacity of Venetian plaster providers, we engender splendid, one-of-a-kind finishes for your milieu. Each installation embodies peak quality, employing materials that mould some of the most stylish structures and venues.

To delve deeper into our offerings concerning Venetian plaster, do not hesitate to reach out to us today. We stand poised to collaborate with you, crafting the most opulent, spellbinding Venetian plaster installation conceivable.

For a comprehensive insight into our Venetian plaster services, do not delay – contact us today. Your aspiration for the most lavish, captivating Venetian plaster installation materialises through our expertise.


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