The latest advanced course, fun, challenging and amazing!

The latest advanced course delivered in our Stucco & Stucco studio was early-February it was unseasonably warm, and a change from our normal winter course weather. So we started on day 1 with introductions, and as usual, they were from all over the country, Ireland, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

As always I like to keep the course fun and start light, as the finishes planned for this course were pretty intense, and this is often driven by requests. We chatted about the project enquires that the guys had, because, with these, that often drives the cool content, for example using stencils and liquid metal (Metallo Fuso).

In our usual style of learning, sweating and smiling, I went straight into blending, working with multiple colours for an artwork piece. This is always a good ice breaker, as it's not so technical that the crew is nervous, best to get them settled in. As they had all attended the introductory course, I could dispense with some of the core setup bits, as they all know how to apply the base coats.

I'm always looking for one of those 'big moments', it usually happens when a particular member of the crew completely nails the brief, in this case, it was using liquid metal. The stencil was highly ornate and technical, something even I'd find challenging, but in this case, the level of detail, the sharpness, how crisp the whole sample artwork piece looked, was amazing!

Which made up for the fact that some of the blending, which we laughed long and hard at, couldn't strictly be called 'advanced'.

The lesson? Every day in the studio is a learning day.

The weather continued to be nice, many laughs were had, the first one having a Scottish guy translate the Irish guy into English!  Let's not talk about the masks...

Much tea was drunk (and coffee for some) and a good night out to celebrate everyone's achievements.

Just another week in the S&S Training Academy.


I was taking the family up to Edinburgh for the Christmas Market, which is a well-known event for the city, other than the Fringe. It seemed like an excellent opportunity to revisit a great installation we did November last year.

I remember the install itself in detail, and we had to go back a number of times as the other work in the bar governed when we could apply the various levels of finish. The walls in the bar area are super high, which creates a brilliant effect, but meant we were working up at height much of the time. This can be challenging, but with the ever-capable Jordan and Lee as 'Team Stucco,' we made sure that the quality was as high as ever.

This Christmas visit was less challenging, especially as I had a delicious steak, and my son, who's currently 13, decided he would sample the Sea Bass! Makes a change from McDonald's!

Now the place is complete, the level of detail in the design, that's only made more stunning by the lighting actually surprised me. When you are up close and personal during the install, its all about the small details, but when the job is complete, the overall effect is what really counts.

It's very satisfying to revisit a client and see how well everything is going.

After an entertaining two days in Edinburgh, we headed back south on the train, and the Edinburgh Grand will be a job that I'll remember for a good while to come.


This delivery came early in March, the main product was Archi+ concrete, not only is it popular with clients, but those that have trained with us are buying this by the bag load!

The rest of the products are regular stock for the studio, the metallics are proving very popular, especially as we have a specific course that teaches this high impact look.

Deliveries are coming in from Italy most weeks, whether it's to replenish stock, or for a specific high volume order for a customer. It's getting to the point where we are running out of room in the studio!

I'm really in two minds what to do about this, maybe we should take another space and have all the supply there, or it could just be a container nearby for overflow. Either way, we'll have to do something.

It's great that the supply is doing well, but really it's down to the loyalty of all the installers that buy from Stucco & Stucco, whether they've trained here or not.

In all honesty, I'd like to thank everyone who buys from us, the more we expand, the more we can stock for you.


A stylish alternative to traditional tiles in bathrooms or wetrooms, polished plaster allows you to create a unique and stunning finish.

We've recently completed a stunning feature wall in a bathroom that definitely has the wow factor.

The interior designer on this project was looking for an alternative wall finish for her clients en-suite bathroom, something unique. The brief was to create a dark moody surface with light texture and shine. We worked in our polished plaster design studio in Yorkshire on a few samples before creating the winning design that was bespoke for the client.

We have recently completed the project and agree with the client, the wall looks stunning.

Please take a look at the photos and let us know what you think!

We have installed many bathrooms with polished plaster in Yorkshire. View more of our recent work using Marmorino & Grassello products to see alternative finishes that can be achieved. Polished Plaster Bathrooms >> 

Polished Plaster Bathroom 1 Polished Plaster Bathroom 2 Polished Plaster Bathroom 3

Fazenda restaurants are in the unique style of an authentic Brazilian steakhouse. Customers enjoy the finest meats, grilled and served at their table, along with a gourmet salad bar and an excellent wine list.

To help set the right ambiance in such a unique restaurant, the Fazenda owners contacted us to create a bespoke wall finish, using polished plaster, in their Liverpool establishment.

We wanted to make sure the work we did perfectly complemented the overall look and so referred to the drawings and design work for the venue conceived by Carroll Design based in Manchester. The design had a distressed Venetian look to it. We created a textured surface using Marmorino and then used another product. We gave the walls a rich colour wash that has a very subtle shimmer.

The restaurant owners loved the final results, so much so that we have installed the same polished plaster finish in the Leeds Fazenda restaurant when it was recently refurbished.

Please take a look at more images of the work we carried out for Fazenda or view the video above and let us know your thoughts.

Fazendas-before-Polished-Plaster-1000x720 Fazenda-Restaurant-1000x720 Fazenda-Polished-Plaster-Bathroom Fazenda-Liverpool-Polished-Plaster-1000x720 Fazenda-Leeds-Polished-Plaster-1000x720

Polished plaster is a great alternative to paint or tiles. It can help to transform your bathroom creating a unique and stunning finish.

You can't deny that polished plaster gives your room the wow factor.  It allows you to create a seamless finish without any grout. It is also incredibly versatile being available in any colour and, depending on the final look that you want to achieve, it can be applied using a range of methods.

Whether it is smooth or textured, with a pro matt finish or polished to a high shine, the final product can be tailored to create the perfect finish.

By applying special waxes, that protect your walls, polished plaster (also known as Venetian Plaster) allows you to create a unique look and feel in your bathroom that will stand the test of time.

We have installed many bathrooms with polished plaster in Yorkshire. Take a look at just some of our recent work using Marmorino & Grassello products in the bathrooms opposite and let us know what you think.

Polished Plaster Bathrooms 1 Polished Plaster Bathrooms 2 Polished Plaster Bathrooms 3 Polished Plaster Bathrooms 4 Polished Plaster Bathrooms 5 Polished Plaster Bathrooms 6 Polished Plaster Bathrooms 7


Recent work update

We recently completed a 30sqm semi distressed vintage Venetian Plaster wall in Huddersfield for Northern Tea House.

To achieve the wall finish we used various lime based polished plaster products, colours & waxes.


Recent work update

We've just completed a small polished plaster project in Leeds for Absolute Contracts Interiors.

We used two coats of Marmorino and finished the wall with a light wax.



This months (April 2015) Ideal Home Magazine features our work in a home we did last year, we were asked to do a feature fireplace in dark grey Marmorino polished plaster.

Ideal Home Magazine Feature 1 Ideal Home Magazine Feature 2

Polished Plaster Artwork 1

Our clients have shown an interest in polished plaster artwork as well as walls. We have now started creating artwork on canvas, it is a bit like creating over sized sample boards but we get a little more creative. We can create bespoke artwork to order, any size with almost any colour palette.

Polished Plaster Artwork 2 Polished Plaster Artwork 3 Polished Plaster Artwork 4